How to Play

Battle Hud


1 Health Gauge Current amount of heath.
2 Stun Gauge Increases as you take damage, and once the gauge reaches MAX, you will be stunned (dizzied).
3 Win Mark When winning a Round, a mark that corresponds to how the match was won is displayed.
4 Time Counter Amount of Time left in the Round.
5 Character Character currently being used.
6 V-Gauge This fills as you take hits from your opponent or land your V-Skill against your opponent. This gauge grants you access to your V-Trigger and V-Reversal. The number of V-Gauge stocks varies from character to character. Unused gauge does not carry over to the next round of a match.
7 Critical Gauge Increases when your attacks hit the opponent. Once the gauge reaches MAX, you gain access to extremely powerful Critical Arts. Unlike the V-Gauge, unused gauge carries over to the next round of match.


Wireless Controller


*Diagonal inputs are performed by pressing left and down Directional Buttons at the same time, etc.

Arcade Stick


Control Mapping

L1 button LB
R1 button RB
L2 button LT
R2 button RT
L3 button left stick button
R3 button right stick button
OPTIONS button START button
△ button Y button
○ button B button
× button A button
□ button X button
right stick RS
left stick LS

*For further details please see below.




Perform an action unique to your character by using V-Skill. Press Medium Punch and Medium Kick at the same time to execute moves with effects that differ between characters.



Play the trump card that could change the course of a match by pulling the V-Trigger. Press Hard Punch and Hard Kick at the same time when your V-Gauge is at MAX to launch a powerful, character-specific action like a teleport or timed power-up. V-Triggers cost your entire V-Gauge.



Counterattack while guarding with a V-Reversal. Press Forward and all three Punch OR Kick buttons while guarding an opponents attack to launch a counterattack. V-Reversals cost one stock of your V-Gauge.

Throw & Throw Escape


Break through your opponent’s guard with a well-timed Normal Throw. Press Light Punch and Light Kick at the same time when close to your opponent to throw them. If you think you are about to be thrown, press Light Punch and Light Kick at the same time with precise timing to perform a Throw Escape.



Get up quickly after being knocked down by using Recovery. Input a direction OR press two or more Punch or Kick buttons at the same time after being knocked down by an opponent’s attack. If you time it right, you will get up quickly. There are two types of Recovery: Back and Neutral. See the diagram for instructions on how to perform both types.

EX Moves

Power up Special Moves by launching their EX versions. Press two of the corresponding Punch or Kick buttons while performing a Special Move to execute its EX version. EX Moves cost one stock of your Critical Gauge.

(Credit to street fighter V)